Electronic Ballast

More and more businesses are striving for lean production and a reduction in costs and since electronic UV ballast is easy to install and use, has low operating costs with superior performance to any competitor on the market, as well as high safety levels during installation and use, it is perfectly in line with these objectives.

The high frequency output (continuously dimmable via potentiometer or via MODBUS connection) is designed to power and bindustrial UV lamps.

The electronic UV ballast was created to replace the old and now obsolete fixed electromagnetic reactor, offering a number of advantages during use.

Alongside manufacturing and selling transformers and autotransformers, our company also supplies a comprehensive range of components and systems for powering medium-pressure UV lamps, including electronic ballasts (or electronic power units for UV devices).

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High output power levels with high efficiency

As it features a microprocessor logic, a UV ballast requires very little for its integration into the electrical panel, simply a few more ancillary components for control and disconnection purposes.

The power section uses high-speed IGBTs that allow high output levels to be reached with high efficiency, while keeping the power unit small in size.

The ballast operates according to a principle similar to that of a constant impressed current generator. The current at the lamp is the impressed magnitude, which can be varied within a wide range of values, and set based on a preset set-point.

Thanks to the automatic standby management, machine downtime can be managed better and the lamp can be restored to working conditions immediately whenever necessary.


Easy to install

Ease of installation is ensured with an electronic ballast, as the ballast acts like an application in relation to the controller, controlling voltage and current independently. Efficient operating management is achieved through the built-in parameter control display, the selectable control modes between Modbus 485, two-way serial, or simply potentiometer, in addition to automatic adaptation to different types of UV lamp.

Existing systems can also be retrofitted with UV ballasts, offering the market a replacement for conventional transformers.

By installing a UV ballast, end users can manage their own system more efficiently and cost-effectively, not only by using the input power more productively, but also by increasing the efficiency of the UV lamp and increasing its average working life!

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